Parshall Elementary

Address: 211 1st Ave NW
P.O. Box 69
Parshall, ND 58770
Phone Number: (701) 862-3417
Fax Number: (701) 862-3419
Hours: 7:30 AM — 4:00 PM
Principal: Mr. Anthony Esquibel
Grades: Preschool-6

Little Learner’s Preschool

Little learners are located at the Parshall Elementary School. This school readiness program is
offered by the Parshall School District with the intention of providing families of children a high quality, developmentally appropriate, and nurturing early childhood experience intended
to help all children be kindergarten! ready. The district is committed to the success of all students
and is proud to be offering this program free of charge!


At Little Learners, we believe children have a built-in drive to explore. The teaching staff will use this
love of exploration to develop kindergarten readiness skills by:

  • Providing a mixed-age environment where children can learn from and teach each other;
  • Utilizing storytelling and music to develop language and social skills;
  • Providing a range of hands-on activities through learning centers;
  • Developing basic math and engineering skills using manipulatives (legos, blocks, chips, etc.)
  • Exploring nature;
  • Encouraging cooperative learning and kind-heartedness;
  • Communicating with parents/guardians.


Little Learners will be using multiple curricular approaches including:

  • Hands-on experiences in
  • Open-ended imaginative and dramatic
  • Music and
  • Block
  • Group meals and
  • Exploration of world cultures through story and
  • Art
  • Self-help
  • Language
  • Exploratory math
  • Sensory activities.

The official curriculum used at Little Learners is called HighScope and the assessment tool we will use
is COR Advantage. Information on both programs can be found at


Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We participate in regular safety drills, including
fire, tornado and intruder drills. In the case of significant snowfall, severe cold or other instances
classes may be canceled. Cancellations will be posted on the district website, local television
channels and the Superintendent’s Facebook page (Parshall School District Superintendent Spot).
Direct communication from a parent/guardian will be needed before a child can be released to anyone
other than the parent/guardian.


We understand each child is unique. At Little Learners we individualize each child’s experience to meet
their needs by:

  • Enhancing the curriculum in order to engage and challenge children at their own
  • Providing inclusion opportunities for children with special needs and access to Special Education
  • Offering a variety of ways to learn throughout the day including, but not limited to, large group,
    small group, individual lessons, hands-on and outdoor learning opportunities.


Little Learners preschool will meet Monday-Thursday from 9:00-1:00 pm.
The program will begin again mid-August 28, 2017 and end in mid-May, 2018. Exact dates
will go out to parents in July.

We will have one section of up to 18 students; should the numbers exceed 18, we will establish
a waiting list. Depending on interest, the board may consider opening a second session.
The daily schedule will begin with free play and a morning meeting, followed by a snack.
Children will participate in engaging learning activities and finish their day by eating lunch
together before preparing to go home.


Little Learners accepts children who turn three-years-old by September 1 of the academic year and up
to five-years-old as long as the child is not enrolled in Kindergarten. In rare situations six-years-olds
maybe eligible for the program. Please contact the Early Childhood Coordinator if you wish to request
consideration for a six-year-old.

Little Learners is made possible through financial support from the Parshall School District and Three
Affiliated Tribes. We are committed to making sure all children are ready for kindergarten and are
pleased to offer this program free of charge to our community.